I want to draw forever.

This is just for art posting, mainly of the WIP and doodle breed. The majority of stuff is my own personal work.


How did you get into drawing? What would you suggest for someone looking to start?

I guess art has just always been a thing I’ve done, I’m not really sure where that really started. It only really became a passion that I wanted to chase as a job when I was recommend to transfer to an art centric Highschool for my senior year. I ended up finishing a BFA in college after that.

What I’d recommend for someone looking to start in drawing? DO IT A LOT. Like, all the time, whenever, wherever you can. Doesn’t have to be big finished images, just doodles, sketches. The saying is you have to draw something badly 10,000 times before you draw it right. So speed up those 10,000 bad doodles but getting into drawing daily. This is a very good book for people who have never touched a pencil and want to approach learning to draw.

Be proud of your mistakes and failures, and just throw away sketches when you can. It’s not always about the finished product, but the process. Draw from life, study artists both modern and classical. Expand your interests. Experiment.

Balance drawing the things you love, with the things you need to practice. You won’t get better at drawing hands if you stick them behind backs. But only practicing hands for a week and nothing else can be a bit soul crushing, so let yourself enjoy some time to doodle the themes and items you love most.

Talk with your art peers, ask for help and input, everyone needs some outside eyes once in awhile to help pinpoint issues or errors in art.


Sticker Giveaway Winners

Thank you again everyone, I pulled the three winners last night, and finally got to posting about it.

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asis question~ when asis died it left a language void i imagine (you couldnt be like 'asis damn you' or w/e) so what filled that void? did people start swearing by species or weather or government or...did they just keep swearing by asis?


So this is an interesting question, as I had to go back and check if any of the language shift phrases had been used yet in the comic! The answer, no they haven’t so I get to talk about them preemptively.

There was indeed a shift in language usage, but it wasn’t only caused by the god’s death, it was also effected by the introduction of Second Race’s own little quirks joining the common language.

To damn someone it’s common to use ‘Let the desert take you’, and goddamn used as an adjective would be ‘stormridden’.

Insults also happen to invoke environment based imagry as well.

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are there any popular drinks / foods in your worlds?

In Asis, people had to get pretty creative in how to use what little food is left, most of this involved ways to make use of otherwise inedible plants.

Tea is the most common and popular drink, easy to transport and store, along with easy to make even traveling. The flavor is similar to Rooibos tea.

And who doesn’t love alcohol right? The next popular drink a basic fermented root liquor that has many names, usually ‘Rain Water’.